Kaji, Suhara and Associates has grown steadily since its founding in April 1988. Today our experienced intellectual property professionals handle an average of 60 new domestic and 30 new foreign applications a month in a wide range of technologies including mechanical engineering, electronics, materials, information technology, and computer science.

Kaji, Suhara and Associates has always believed in a client centred approach, handling each case with the utmost personal care. We endeavor to provide our clients with prompt, high-quality services to ensure we retain our reputation as one of the most trusted intellectual property law firms in Japan.

Filing of Japanese Patent/Utility Model, Design, Trademark applications

If a company or an individual wishes to obtain rights protection for a patent, a utility model, a design or a trademark, they must first file an application. The path from this point to the eventual granting of the patent right is very complex and requires specialised knowledge.
It is one of the main tasks of an IP law firm to represent the applicant in this procedure. Representing an applicant before the Japanese patent office is a particular task that only patent attorneys are permitted to handle.
If an applicant outside Japan wishes to obtain an IP right in Japan, the Japanese law firm representing them often supports the applicant in cooperation with a local IP law firm in the applicant’s home country.


An IP law firm also handles appeals and litigations related to intellectual property both within Japan and overseas.
Our firm is handling an increasing number of infringement trial cases outside Japan. With regards to these overseas trials, it is essential for Japanese IP law firms to be able to offer technical support to and collaborate with their overseas counterparts both remotely, via web meetings, and directly, in face to face meetings. The relationships we have with our overseas partners are crucial to facilitating such collaborations, and we have great pride in the reliable international network that we have built.


Patent or utility model applications from outside Japan are often written in English or a non-Japanese language. Our firm has a number of experienced in-house translators that specialize in the IP field. Not only are these translators able to work in close cooperation with our attorneys, they also have access to our translation database which allows them to keep the translated document consistent in terms of terminology and expressions used.
Further, we also have skilled in-house CAD technicians who specialize in the IP field. They work in close cooperation with our attorneys to efficiently prepare high quality drawings for IP applications.

Services for oversea applicants

Applications for IP protection in Japan are not only made by Japanese companies and individuals. There are large numbers of companies and people around the world filing patent, utility model, design, and trademark applications in Japan.
At Kaji, Suhara and Associates, we take great pride in our history of supporting international clients, and look forward to having further opportunities to assist inventors around the world in protecting their valuable IP rights here.